DESTROYING ANGELS ZINE LOT - Fanzine by artist Dennis Dread


DESTROYING ANGELS zine was the fanzine of underground artist DENNIS DREAD, most known for his legendary artwork for bands such as DARKTHRONE, AUTOPSY, ABSCESS, ENGORGED, FRIGHTMARE, and more. These black and white fanzines came out around the late '90s until the mid 2000's and are now impossible to find. Definitely a treasure of what was going on in the underground art/metal/horror scenes during those days.

You get the following issues of this cult underground fanzine:

Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #8

Destroying Angels #3: The "Bloody Horror Crime Issue" with blood-spattered covers! Featuring interviews with Jeff Gaither, gorehound supreme Chas Balun, Church of Satan's horned high-priest Rex Church, and German deathgrunters Warhammer! Plus art by Mark Riddick and a tribute to obscure trash-film director William Girdler (Abby, Day of the Animals, Grizzly, Asylum of Satan)!

Destroying Angels #4: Interviews with "Mid" of Deviated Instinct, Yasuyuki Suzuki of Abigail/Cutthroat/Barbatos, The Soil Bleeds Black, Jake Karns of Tales From Uranus comic, and guest-curators of the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum on Norse heathen archetypes! Plus the secret architectural history of New York City's spectacular Grand Central Station and Markus Wolff's exclusive tribute to long-forgotten Teutonic visionary Franz Von Stassen!

Destroying Angels #8: Featuring an unabridged reprint of the long-lost 1882 tattoo autobiography The Life & Adventures of Captain Harry Decoursey! Plus interviews with monster-thrashing artist Ed Repka, Sean Smithson on the creation of Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead, Spain's gore-master Nor, and a tribute to deceased tattoo artist Nate Hudson! Also featuring Reuben Storey's visual ode to Impetigo and a critical look at the aesthetic use of flags in punk art!


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