Nero One Records proudly present the ultimate in death metal mania with this massive split. Much like the historic split 7 inches of the "golden era" of death metal back in the late 80s/early 90s, this split has two of the underground's deadliest bands.

Chicago's mighty CARDIAC ARREST needs no introduction. This legendary band has entered elite status with their style of "Heart Stopping Death Rot". The heaviness and intensity that we have come to know and love with this band of creeps is on full display here on their song.

Not to be outdone, the equally crushing death metal "super group" SURGIKILL bring their brand of horrific death metal terror to the bloody party with their song. Also heavy and intense, these freaks damage the senses with full on brutality. Not for the weak! Not for wimp fucks!

This is a split for the ages and an instant classic. Don't be a fuck up and miss out on this one!