CHURCH OF MISERY (USA) "Minstrel of Mourning" CD

Image of CHURCH OF MISERY (USA) "Minstrel of Mourning" CD


Out now on Razorback Recordings! Years before the Japanese band of the same name had formed, there was CHURCH OF MISERY from Illinois/USA, the doom metal band started by Stevo of the legendary horror Death Metal band, IMPETIGO!

In 1993, the band recorded their debut album, "Minstrel of Mourning", but it was never released... until now! Here is the holy grail of Doom Metal albums finally available for the first time ever! This amazing album was rescued from an obscure DAT tape and can now be finally heard after all these years. Features liner notes from the band, old photos, and more... this is an essential album that was way before its time!

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