DEATHVOMIT: Death Metal Fanzine Collection 1988 - 1991 (BOOK)



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DEATHVOMIT: Death Metal Fanzine Collection 1988 - 1991 (350 PAGE BOOK)

DEATHVOMIT was one of the most legendary underground death metal fanzines from America written and edited by Jeff McClelland from the cult band DOOMSTONE!

Razorback Publishing is proud to have collected every issue in trade paperback BOOK format of this amazing historical artifact. This was originally one of the most pro-printed fanzines in the underground at the time and very ground breaking as well. This zine had one of the biggest influences on underground American death metal fanzines! This collects issues 1, 2, and the infamous issue 3 that didn't get released until decades later and was only limited to 20 copies for personal friends. This will include the issue 3 material in FULL PAGE FORMAT as the limited issue printed 4 different pages shrunken down on only one piece of paper each. This 350 page book (8 and 1/2 x 11 sized) has amazing old interviews, articles, reviews, and features on such killer bands as: DECEASED, ACHERON, MORTEM (Norway), TOXODETH, GAMMACIDE, NUNSLAUGHTER, DR. SHRINKER, DERKETA, MORTUARY (Mexico), NECROPHILE, HELLWTICH, RIPPING CORPSE, BLOOD, VACANT GRAVE, APPARITION, MORTICIAN, TIAMAT, ABHORER, IMPERATOR, AFFLICTED CONVULSION, MACRODEX, DARKTHRONE, ABOMINOG, ROTTING CHRIST, CENOTAPH, FUNEBRE, OLD FUNERAL, MASSACRA, CREMATORY, HIDEOUS MANGLEUS, BLASPHEMY, ABHORRENCE, SENTENCED, EXULCERATION, BEHERIT, EXCURCIATE, EMBALMER, DISEMBOWELMENT, NECROTOMY, MALEDICTION, DECOMPOSED and MANY more!!! Plus amazing old ads, flyers, artwork, and old horror imagery. This book is simply a MUST for fans of old death metal fanzines before the era of the internet! A BIBLE OF OLD DEATH METAL! This is a rare time capsule fanzine collection book in its most rawest and underground form! Razorback is proud to RESURRECT this ancient corpse!


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