Evilspeak Magazine - Volume #3 (trade paperback book)


Full 8.5 x 11 sized square bound book with full color cover! 130 pages of terror!

Evilspeak Magazine returns with its 3rd volume of non-stop horror insanity! 130 pages from the true horror fandom underground with absolutely NO ads and nothing but true love and passion for the genre. In volume 3, we feature in-depth articles on films such as The Blood Spattered Bride, Ghosthouse, Paul Naschy's Inquisition, Werewolves On Wheels, Blood Tracks, Vampire's Night Orgy, Demon Wind, Twice Dead, The Mutilator, Hitch Hike, The Eerie Midnight Horror Show, One Dark Night, Superstition, Peter Cushing's Hammer Frankenstein films, Black Past, Shock 'em Dead, Daughters of Darkness, and many more! Also featuring an original horror comic story, "Curse of the Cauldron Countess" drawn by Don England in the Creepy/Skywald tradition, the return of Matt Putrid's Grave Exhumations feature, a retrospect on Video Wasteland, a special "Growing Up With Eerie Publications" feature...and so much more! Featuring original artwork, additional articles, and more blood and gore than you can handle!

USA orders: Due to the size of the book, orders for one copy in the states are shipped in a flat rate PRIORITY MAIL envelope!

NON-USA orders: All orders are shipped in a brown envelope. Sorry for the high shipping prices, but the rates are VERY high these days.

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