Evilspeak Magazine - Special Issue 5.5 (half sized book)


The Evilspeak Magazine Euro Horror 5.5 issue is a special half sized treat of terror for the die hards who continue to support independent horror print journalism! You get 60 pages of pure European Horror worship at its very best, including... Dave Kosanke's "I WANT YOUR SKULL" featuring a great tribute to The Skull from Amicus Films, Vanessa Nocera's in-depth article on Jean Rollin's incredible masterpiece of the macabre The Iron Rose, Jon Kitley's terror-ific write up about the Paul Naschy classic Dr. Jeckyll Vs. The Werewolf, Euro horror inspired artist and collector Colin Rodgers spins a tale about the obscure Orloff and the Invisible Man, and the infamous Doc Holocausto returns with his amazing tribute to the sexy women of 1970's Euro horror such as Helga Line, Brigitte Lahaie, Lina Romay, and more! As a bonus, Jon Kitley has done a very special "Paul Naschy roundtable discussion" with author Troy Howarth along with NaschyCast fiends, Rodney Barnett and Troy Quinn! For all you horror metal music fans, you get an exclusive and rare print interview with the one and only Mortician! The special issue also features exclusive fan art as always from some of our best artists, so dive right into the abyss of atmospheric HORROR and DOOM that is Evilspeak Magazine issue 5.5!

*This special mini-book comes with a WOODEN STAKE / BLIZARO split CD! An out of print special release with 2 cult underground Doom Metal bands who worship European Horror!

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